Criminal Defense – 2013

In 2013 Callaghan & Callaghan secured dismissals across Rhode Island for clients charged by the North Kingstown Police, West Warwick Police, Warwick Police, East Greenwich Police, Providence Police, Newport Police, Middletown Police, South Kingstown Police, and Rhode Island State Police. Dismissals included:

  • Disorderly Conduct: Washington County matter dismissed at pre-trial. Callaghan & Callaghan successfully argued to the court that the conduct cited as disorderly did not meet the “fighting words” threshold.
  • Vandalism: A young woman was accused of damaging vehicles on an urban street late at night. Callaghan & Callaghan showed that their client could not have committed the offense based on contradictory witness statements and gaps in time.  Matter was dismissed and expunged.
  • Simple Assault: In Kent County, Callaghan & Callaghan helped a client win a dismissal of a criminal simple assault charge. Callaghan & Callaghan showed that the alleged victim and the suspect had a long standing relationship. The alleged victim’s story regarding the assault was not supported by the evidence. Case dismissed.
  • Driving Under the Influence: In Washington County, Callaghan & Callaghan helped a client win a dismissal of criminal driving under the influence charges due to issues with the traffic stop. Client avoided penalties on all alcohol related driving charges and the DUI case was expunged.
  • Possession of a Controlled Substance: In Newport County, a felony criminal charge of possession of a controlled substance was dismissed. Callaghan & Callaghan showed that client was in the wrong place at the wrong time and was arrested without probable cause.

As a prosecutor with the Rhode Island Department of Attorney General, James M. Callaghan, secured a conviction in a brutal day time beating in Central Falls. The assault ultimately lead to the death of an innocent person walking home from his job at a local factory. After trial, the Defendant was sentenced to life in prison.  The official press release can be found here: