Our client, a young lady, was placed in an extremely difficult position by a former boyfriend. During a traffic stop, under duress, our client made a number of statements to the police on scene. Those statements lead to charges of Obstruction and Disorderly Conduct. Callaghan & Callaghan worked with client and third party witnesses to establish client’s innocence. Preparation, hard work, and persistence paid off. A trial in Washington County District Court resulted in not guilty verdicts on all counts.

A Callaghan & Callaghan client was pulled over by a local police department. The stop was based on a BOLO (be on lookout) for a specific vehicle. Our client was not cited for any moving violation. On scene he did not complete the field sobriety tests. He also refused the breathalyzer. Due to Constitutional issues raised regarding the stop, the charge was amended. Our client suffered no loss of license at any time.

A young man came to Callaghan & Callaghan facing an extremely serious criminal charge. Prior to charging in Superior Court Callaghan & Callaghan, with co-counsel, met with law enforcement on numerous occasions. Through a well devised strategy utilizing both the facts and case law, we secured a dismissal of the matter prior to charging. The dismissal included expugement and sealing of all records of the arrest. Our client’s record remains clean and his bright future is secure. The result achieved could only be described as optimal.

Multiple charges were dismissed by a Washington County police department due to Callaghan & Callaghan’s advocacy and tenacity. Callaghan & Callaghan passed the case for trial due to a number of evidentiary issues. Our client maintained her innocence through a self defense claim throughout the pre-trial stage. Callaghan & Callaghan pressed for a trial with in both the facts and our client. On the day of trial all charges were dismissed. A motion to expunge all charges from our client’s record has also been filed.

A Callaghan & Callaghan client came to us with a unique issue. Our client operates a commercial vehicle as part of his employment. However, due to some unfortunate circumstances he was cited for Texting While Driving. Callaghan & Callaghan successfully convinced the court and the prosecutor to amend the charges. The argument involved both the factual situation involved as well as the circumstances of the driver. Based on Callaghan & Callaghan’s presentation, the charge was amended to the complete satisfaction of the client.

A Callaghan & Callaghan client found himself in a very difficult situation. Our client was accused of a crime that he did not commit. Unfortunately, as is the case in many instances, alcohol contributed to the situation. To compound matters, after the arrest, a local news outlet picked up on the arrest. The client’s well known name was prominently displayed on a local news website. Callaghan & Callaghan immediately reached out to the reporter and conveyed the client’s complete belief in his innocence. The reporter then edited the news post to reflect our client’s innocence. Callaghan & Callaghan then engaged the police department, complainant, and city solicitor in an extensive discussion involving the weaknesses of the case. At the first pre-trial the matter was dismissed and expunged. Callaghan & Callaghan also reached out to the website administrator and had the original posting deleted. Our full service approach helped our client on a number of levels.

A local police department charged a female defendant charged with Disorderly Conduct. Defendant was initially charged with a domestic offense, but Callaghan & Callaghan showed the prosecution that the defendant and alleged victim had no domestic relationship. Callaghan & Callaghan also argued that the matter did not meet the elements of the charged crime. Case dismissed.

Last fall Callaghan & Callaghan defended a client in a simple assault trial in Washington County. Based on the police reports and apparent lack of reliable evidence Callaghan & Callaghan requested a trial. At trial the testimony and the presentation of evidence resulted in a not guilty finding for our client.

A Callaghan & Callaghan client recently was charged by a local police department with an alcohol related DUI charge. The reports showed that the client did not take the field sobriety tests. The town sought harsh sanctions despite an apparent lack of evidence. At trial the case was dismissed.