Two parties, a former husband and wife, came to our offices with a unique issue. Due to a clerical error almost ten years ago, one of the parties wages were being garnished. The garnishment had continued for years. Through diligent work with the Family Court Clerk’s office and the Department of Human Services, Callaghan & Callaghan was able to resolve the matter to our client’s benefit.

A Callaghan & Callaghan client recently sought the ability to move out of state with two minor children. Relocation with children can be extremely difficult to obtain due to a high standard. After extensive negotiation, court dates, and mediation, the matter was successfully resolved on behalf of our client.

Callaghan & Callaghan recently helped a client negotiate favorable terms in a divorce. Through pre-trial negotiation with opposing counsel we were able to navigate potentially difficult situations for the benefit of our client. Issues included child custody, child support, mortgage refinancing, and pension distribution.

A single mother recently came to Callaghan & Callaghan seeking a modification of a Family Court order in an effort to help her children. After hearing the Family Court awarded our client all of her requests including a child support modification, visitation, and custody.

Child Custody:
Callaghan & Callaghan prevailed in an appeal on a child custody matter before the Rhode Island Supreme Court. After years of litigation tangentially related to the custody matter in other courts, one parent sought to be reunified with children. Callaghan & Callaghan argued that despite the outcome of separate litigation and cases, a Family Court’s earlier ruling remained in effect. Callaghan & Callaghan showed that the parent had yet to satisfy requirements to gain visitation. Chief Justice Suttell wrote the opinion supporting Callaghan & Callaghan’s position. This decision was recently cited as a notable case at a statewide judicial conference.

Elisa M. Catley v. Mark D. Sampson, RI Supreme Court Appeal No. 2012-167-AR