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Dec 07

Judge Robbed In Own Home – But that’s only part of the story

A federal judge and her husband were robbed in their home this past weekend. Three young men broke into the Cincinnati area home on Friday night. Luckily the judge and her husband, disbarred lawyer Stanley Chesley, were able to run into nearby woods and call police. The three young men were later pulled over  when […]

Dec 03

RI Zoning News – Cranston Solar Farm

A very interesting RI zoning issue has popped up in Cranston. A British company has proposed to construct a solar farm at Hope Farms located in Western Cranston. The solar farm would be the largest of its kind in Rhode Island. The proposal has raised a number of unique zoning issues. RES America Development is […]

Nov 26

RI DUI Task Force Arrests 22

The RI DUI task force reported at least twenty two (22) arrests last night according to the Providence Journal. As noted in yesterday’s Callaghan & Callaghan post, RISP and local police departments combined forces for a concerted DUI prevention effort this holiday weekend. It was not clear if the new BAT-Mobile (Blood Alcohol Testing) was […]

Nov 13

A Not Guilty Goodfella, Dazed Prosecutors, and Lawyer Liplocks

An elderly defendant was found not guilty of one of the infamous crimes that lead to the movie Goodfellas. Reputed mobster, Vincent Asaro, was found not guilty in Brooklyn by a jury. After the verdict, the New Daily News noted that the prosecutors looked “dazed”. Reports also stated that the 78 year-old Asaro pounded his […]

Sep 29

RI City Attorney Costs Pass $1 Million

The attorney fees for various legal battles in the city of Cranston have surpassed $1 million. The Providence Journal reports that multiple lawsuits on a wide range of law enforcement issues have sent legal bills skyrocketing. Costs include legal fees, administrative pay while out on leave, and settlement costs. The multitude of legal issues within […]

Nov 09

Field Sobriety Tests? To take or not to take?

Any motor vehicle moving violation, from speeding to driving too slowly, could result in a traffic stop. Depending on the circumstances, a law enforcement officer could ask a driver to perform a series of field sobriety tests before allowing that driver to continue operating the motor vehicle. So, the question is, if you have been stopped […]