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RI Real Estate Attorneys – Callaghan & Callaghan


Callaghan & Callaghan offers expert advice on all zoning, planning, variances, special use permits and real estate transactions

The RI Real Estate Attorneys at Callaghan & Callaghan are experts in the field of real estate law. We assist clients in all aspects of real estate transactions including:

  • Offers to Purchase
  • Purchase and Sales Agreements
  • Purchase and Sales Agreement Extensions
  • Single Family Purchases
  • Multi-Family Purchases
  • Title Searches
  • Closings

We have a breadth of experience in advising clients in purchases of residential and commercial properties. In addition at either the pre or post closing stage, Callaghan & Callaghan has helped clients win approval for variances, special us permits, and dimensional variances.

Our clients have sought our counsel in subdivisions, small and large scale commercial, residential, and mixed-use land development projects.  Every Rhode Island municipality has its own unique set of regulations – codified via ordinances. Callaghan & Callaghan has represented families and businesses before local councils, planning boards, and zoning boards, as well as state agencies and regulators. Through years of experience, Callaghan & Callaghan understands how to successfully navigate the pre-application, application, and hearing process.

Planning Boards

In many instances, a planning board reviews and approves subdivision proposals, planned business districts, commercial and industrial site plans, planned village developments, planned unit developments and other multi-unit or single family developments.  A planning board may also review and update zoning ordinances, subdivision regulations, and comprehensive plans.  In some communities a planning board makes recommendations to the town council on proposed zoning ordinances and zoning map amendments.

Zoning Boards

Communities utilize zoning boards to hear appeals from administrative officers or agencies, grant dimensional variances, variances, and special use permits, and hear other matters or issues that may fall in its jurisdiction based on the zoning ordinance or statute.

Variances, Dimensional Variances, and Special Use Permits


Call Callaghan & Callaghan for expert land use analysis and strategy.

Often a homeowner, business owner, or developer must apply for a variance, dimensional variance, or a special use permit to fully utilize or improve a parcel or property. Callaghan & Callaghan has effectively helped clients gain approval for applications across Rhode Island.  These applications often involve communications with municipal planning departments for pre-application consultation.  In addition, Callaghan & Callaghan has forged long standing contacts within the engineering, planning, architectural, and design fields to make sure that any application is fully vetted and prepared for submission, review, and hearing.


Property Transactions

Callaghan & Callaghan also has extensive experience in all real estate transactions.  We provide expert legal advice and counsel in all property matters:

  • Commercial Property Transactions and Acquisitions
  • Residential Home Transactions – Closings
  • Condominium Law – Goverance, Associations,
  • Landlord Tenant Disputes
  • Title Disputes
  • Tax Appeals