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RI DUI Task Force Arrests 22

The RI DUI task force reported at least twenty two (22) arrests last night according to the Providence Journal. As noted in yesterday’s Callaghan & Callaghan post, RISP and local police departments combined forces for a concerted DUI prevention effort this holiday weekend.

It was not clear if the new BAT-Mobile (Blood Alcohol Testing) was involved in any of the DUI or alcohol related arrests. The crackdown included focus on impaired driving as well as seat belt infractions.

The DUI campaign, nicknamed Operation Blue Riptide, seeks to reduce traffic fatalities and accidents through increased patrols.

Any RI DUI or alcohol related driving offense potentially involves severe penalties. Loss of license, fines, fees, DUI school, driver retraining, and prison time are only a few of the possible results. If facing any RI DUI charge, rely on the trusted and experienced attorneys at Callaghan & Callaghan. Call for a free consultation (401) 294-4555.

Have a safe, sober, and happy holiday season.

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