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Rhode Island Ignition Interlock Attorney

In Rhode Island, the new ignition interlock law offers those accused of drunk driving the option to reduce the mandatory license suspension. In return for a lesser license suspension, the law allows a driver to have an ignition interlock system installed on his or her vehicle for a period of time beyond the license suspension. The ignition interlock system prevents a driver from starting a vehicle unless the interlock system shows that the driver has a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) below a certain level.  For example, a recent client chose to install the SmartStart ignition interlock system. SmartStart requires a BAC to be below .04 for the vehicle to start.  As a baseline, on a very general level, one to two beers for a 180 male could equal a BAC of .04 or above. Obviously, it does not take much.

With the SmartStart ignition interlock system a driver needs to blow into the device for a period of time, and then hum (yes, hum) into the device for an additional period of time. When the machine receives the proper breath analysis it will indicate whether the vehicle can be started. Also, the system requires additional breath analysis while running. So, for instance, in a forty five minute ride, the system may require additional breath analysis throughout that single trip.

The ignition interlock system is new to Rhode Island. Attempting to negotiate the lowest license suspension along with the interlock system timeframe is not a game for amateurs. The new law and the interlock ignition systems include various requirements that are not explicitly explained by the statute or non-existent case law. Rely on the professionals and hire an experienced attorney. Get back to work and back on the road sooner with the attorneys at Callaghan & Callaghan.