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Rhode Island Expungement

Expungement of criminal charges in Rhode Island might become more common. The Providence Journal reports that the legislature is considering an expansion of the expungement laws.  The proposal currently backed by Attorney General Peter Kilmartin may allow up to five misdemeanor charges to be erased from a person’s criminal history.

Rhode Island General Law § 12.1-3 outlines the expungement process. Currently when a person accumulates more than one criminal conviction he or she CANNOT have any of those, or any future convictions expunged.  Judges generally consider any period of confinement (at the ACI or on Home Confinement), a suspended sentence, or a fine a conviction.

The new legislation looks like it would allow a person to remove up to five convictions from his or her record. The proposed law would allow for a person to expunge up to five charges ten years after the end of the latest sentence.

The proposal would likely result in some much needed relief.  A criminal history can have a negative effect on many parts of a person’s life. Job prospects, loan applications, and volunteer opportunities can all be hindered by a criminal history.

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