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Matthew F. Callaghan, Jr., started his career as an attorney in Providence in 1968. He was born and raised in the Elmwood Avenue section of South Providence, near Roger Williams Park. His father and mother both immigrated from Ireland and settled in South Providence. For twenty-four years his father worked at the Narragansett Brewery in Cranston, Rhode Island. Matt attended LaSalle Academy with his brother Jack. After graduating from Providence College he attended Boston College Law School. He then returned to Providence and started his legal career as an attorney working in the Turks Head Building in Providence. He also represented his Elmwood Avenue neighborhood, Senate District 9, in the Rhode Island State Senate.

As native Rhode Islanders, Callaghan & Callaghan’s attorneys understand the intricacies of our state and its legal system. We pride ourselves on our ability to analyze any issue from both a legal and practical perspective. We recognize that preparation and communication are often the keys to success in any case, lawsuit, or dispute.

We specialize in expert and experienced legal counsel in a wide array of practice areas.  Matthew F. Callaghan, Jr. has decades of experience in all real estate matters including: zoning, planning, land use, and real estate transactions. He also has handled hundreds of divorce and family law cases. He provides a steady hand in all criminal and civil matters.

James M. Callaghan, Esq., spent eight years with the Rhode Island Department of Attorney General. Many of those years were spent prosecuting matters in Providence County. James now utilizes that experience as a litigator in criminal and civil matters across Rhode Island.

Any contact with an attorney or the legal system can be daunting. Rely on the expertise and experience of Callaghan & Callaghan. We can simplify any legal issue to make it more accessible and manageable. We will work with you to successfully resolve any real estate, family law, criminal, or civil case. We pride ourselves on strategies designed to achieve superior results for families, small businesses, and corporations across Rhode Island.

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