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A Not Guilty Goodfella, Dazed Prosecutors, and Lawyer Liplocks

An elderly defendant was found not guilty of one of the infamous crimes that lead to the movie Goodfellas. Reputed mobster, Vincent Asaro, was found not guilty in Brooklyn by a jury. After the verdict, the New Daily News noted that the prosecutors looked “dazed”. Reports also stated that the 78 year-old Asaro pounded his fists on the defense table and repeatedly kissed his lawyer on the mouth. Prior reports indicated that his attorneys were female.

Wiretap evidence and turncoat mobsters alleged that Asaro was a key figure in the infamous cargo airport terminal heist. The scam resulted in a $1 million windfall for the mafiosos. In 2015 dollars, that sum equals approximately $20 million. Additionally the heist included $1 million worth of pilfered jewels.

Prosecutors sought to target Asaro based in part on audiotapes of Asaro. Asaro allegedly complained that he only received a small portion of the profits – despite playing a large role in the caper. Those complaints apparently fell on deaf ears according to the jury. Either the jury did not believe Asaro was invovled, or they may have though Asaro was pumping his own tires to make himeslf look better. Either way, the trial did not go well for the Attorney General and Asaro again roams the streets as a free man.

Upon leaving the courthouse Asaro claimed that Gotti never got as much attention as he did, and that he was “shocked” by the verdict. He drove off in a Mercedes with his attorney, joking “don’t let them see the body in the trunk.”

He was also asked if he knew the Mets had made it to the World Series. Asaro told the assembled press that he was locked up, not dead.