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If you see this in your rearview mirror, call Callaghan & Callaghan.

If you see this in your rearview mirror, call Callaghan & Callaghan: (401) 294-4555

An expert and experienced Narragansett DUI attorney is essential when facing any alcohol related driving offense. James M. Callaghan is a Narragansett native. Matthew F. Callaghan, Jr. has lived in town for over forty years. We have decades of successful experience advocating for our clients.
Narragansett DUI charges carry stiff penalties and a complicated court schedule. The attorneys at Callaghan & Callaghan work closely with clients on a daily basis to ensure a smooth process and the best results.
We understand that a DUI arrest can be a traumatic experience. We bring a special skill set to all Narragansett DUI matters. We are not only locally based, but we bring extensive experience to every case as both defense attorneys and former prosecutors. Our attorneys spent a total of twenty years as both a town solicitor and state prosecutor. That range of expertise provides us with a unique insight into all DUI matters. After a free consultation we start defending our clients immediately. We are available to our clients 24/7 for any question or concern.
James and Matt understand the technicalities within every DUI arrest. Narragansett DUI charges require an expert legal analysis because Narragansett officers are detail oriented and ambitious. We thoroughly review all reports, results, and evidence with our clients multiple times to ensure compliance with every DUI related rule and regulation. We expose any fault or omission for maximum benefit to our clients.
Our attorneys understand that Narragansett DUI charges carry high stakes. Penalties for a DUI include but are not limited to the following:
  • Jail time
  • Loss of License
  • Fines – Fees
  • Attendance at DUI School
  • Community Service
Additionally, a DUI arrest may include a Breathalyzer Refusal charge. Although part of the same incident, the single offense may result in two separate charges. Those charges require separate court appearances at multiple courthouses. To be frank, the process can be somewhat confusing for a first time offender unfamiliar with the court rules and procedures. Rely on the experience of Callaghan & Callaghan to help you expertly navigate the judicial system for the best possible outcome.
We also utilize the legal framework to ensure that our clients receive the optimal results. Recently the legislature enacted both an ignition interlock provision and a hardship license within the statutory framework. We work with our clients to make sure that all possible avenues for relief are explored.
Recent success includes:
  • Breathalyzer Refusal – Dismissed
  • DUI First Offense – Dismissed
  • Laned Roadway Violation – Dismissed
  • Speeding – Dismissed
  • DUI – Amended to Reckless Driving
A Narragansett DUI attorney at Callaghan & Callaghan can help save your license, wallet, and freedom. We pride ourselves on helping our clients resolve DUI charges and other arrest matters every day. We are local and bring unparallelled experience and unmatched success to every Narragansett DUI arrest.
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