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Judge Robbed In Own Home – But that’s only part of the story


The 27,000 square foot “Lawyerly Lair.”

A federal judge and her husband were robbed in their home this past weekend. Three young men broke into the Cincinnati area home on Friday night. Luckily the judge and her husband, disbarred lawyer Stanley Chesley, were able to run into nearby woods and call police. The three young men were later pulled over  when they rolled through a stop sign.

Oddly enough, the backstory is almost as outrageous  as the robbery. Stanley Chesley, the judge’s husband, is a formerly famed attorney. He has played a role in some of the more notable cases in American jurisprudence in the past thirty years. He has been involved in the Pan Am – Lockerbie bombing cases, Dow Corning/silicone breast implant litigation, big tobacco/state litigation, the Beverly Hills Supper Club fire cases, and the fen-phen drug litigation.

Apparently the perpetrators of the robbery did not target the judge and Mr. Chesley specifically. Instead, they sought riches from the largest/most expensive home in the Cincinnati area. The home, described as the “Lawerly Lair” boasts two four car garages, horse stables, and 27,000 square feet of living space. The robbers absconded with jewelry, fur coats, and credit cards.

Mr. Chesley has experienced some extraordinary highs and unbelievable lows in his career. Where the robbery falls on the scale is unknown. Mr. Chesley retired from the practice of law prior to being disbarred. He ran into significant troubles for his role in the fen-phen litigation settlements. The lawyerly fallout from those cases can only be described as stunning. A few of the more salient details are listed below:

  • Stanley Chesley – Disbarred as a result of his role in the fen-phen litigation. Although he stood to receive $14 million in fees, he allegedly took an extra $7 million more from clients than allowed by the settlement. One news outlet described the scam as worthy of Charles Dickens for its sordid qualities
  • Two other fen-phen attorneys were convicted and sent to jail for their roles in the cases.
  • Another lawyer escaped conviction because a jury believed him when he said he was “too drunk” to understand the details of the settlement negotiations.
  • The Chesley home is described as both the largest and most expensive single family home in the Cincinnati area, and it has hosted leaders of state as well as presidential candidates.
  • The total settlement in the fen-phen litigation reached $200 million. However, the victims only received $46 million.

The failures in this tale are almost too spectacular to be real. However, all the details of both the robbery and the backstory can be found in the following stories:

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