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Infamous Fence Violates Zoning Laws


Infamous fence violates zoning law. A fine of $200 per day has been assessed since February.

Zoning laws forced a Vermont woman to take down a 60 by 24 foot fence (or wall) constructed to block her view of her neighbors’ home. The metal pole and green nylon structure was constructed by Ruth Dwyer in the fall of 2014. It apparently was meant to block the view of her neighbors’ newly constructed home. However, local zoning laws require a permit for any wall in excess of 10 feet in height. Dwyer’s after the fact permit was rejected by the town. Due to zoning law violations Dwyer was assessed a $200 per day fine.

By an agreement reached in September, Dwyer must take down the wall by November 1, 2015. ¬†However, the former candidate for governor and state legislator is exploring other options. She may seek to install a solar array, pole barn, or privacy screen. According to the Valley News, in letter to the town Dwyer has declared she wants to block “television light pollution emanating across the road.”

Apparently large fences do not make for good neighbors.