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Family Law – Custody, Visitation, Child Support

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Family Law and Divorce matters in Newport County are heard at the Murray Judicial Complex.

The attorneys at Callaghan & Callaghan understand the intricacies of all child custody, alimony, child support, and property settlement agreement. Those are just a few of the factors that arise in even the most amicable custody, visitation, or child support matter. Callaghan & Callaghan will work for you to make the proceedings much more simple and manageable while vigilantly protecting your interests.

Callaghan & Callaghan provides a steady and practical approach to every divorce case and Family Court matter. We have years of experience helping people navigate the legal process. We understand the Family Court and have helped wives, husbands, mothers, and fathers resolve their cases in Washington County, Kent County, Newport, County, and Providence County. In any situation, we are prepared and ready to take the steps to ensure that your interests receive the attention and protection they deserve.

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Rhode Island Divorce – Factors for Consideration:

  • Residency  Requirement
  • Waiting Period
  • Grounds for Divorce
  • Child Support Guidelines
  • Division of Property – Property Settlement Agreements
  • Tax Consequences
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution – Mediation

Take the time to research your options in every divorce matter. Any divorce proceeding can be highly stressful because it hits home. Rely on Callaghan & Callaghan for expert and experience legal advice and counsel when you and your family need it most.

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Important Family Court Forms and Documents:

DR-6 – Statements of Assets, Liabilities, Income, and Expenses:

Family Court Assets, Liabilities, Income, and Expenses

Child Support Guidelines:

RI Child Support – Schedule of Basic Obligations