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DUI 1st Offense – RI


DUI 1st Offense charges usually begin with this view out of the rear view mirror.

If you see this in the rearview mirror, call Callaghan & Callaghan immediately: (401) 294-4555

A DUI 1st offense charge in Rhode Island carries serious consequences.  This kind of charge is extraordinarily common and can affect anyone. For example, just one or two drinks and a broken taillight can result in a DUI 1st offense arrest.

Due to the potential severity of the punishment for this kind of charge, it is highly advisable to seek the services of a qualified and experienced DUI attorney. The attorneys at Callaghan & Callaghan are both former prosecutors. They have decades of experience in successfully defending clients in DUI cases.

The penalties for a DUI 1st offense charge in Rhode Island could include jail time, a suspended sentence, and probation. Punishment also involves community service, DUI school, fines, and fees. And, every DUI 1st offense charge will likely include a mandatory license suspension.

Callaghan & Callaghan’s attorneys will carefully review the police reports for any errors or omissions. Our attorneys will work with you to minimize and hopefully eliminate the charges entirely.

DUI’s also have consequences beyond just the charge itself. DUI arrests can also affect employment, family reputation, and your financial well being. The collateral consequences of a DUI conviction can be as problematic as the punishment itself.

Due to the severity of the DUI cases anyone arrested should seek out advice from the attorneys at Callaghan & Callaghan. We make every effort to provide our clients with clear advice at every stage of the process. We provide personalized strategic legal counsel to every client from arraignment, to pre-trial, to trial, and beyond.

We offer free consultations. We ensure our clients receive the highest quality legal advice in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Call Callaghan & Callaghan at (401) 294-4555 for representation in any DUI 1st offense charge.

Recent Success: Callaghan & Callaghan’s attorneys have handled DUI cases in Providence County, Kent County, Newport County and Washington County. They have a deep familiarity with Rhode Island’s legal system. They pride themselves on an intimate knowledge of the applicable case law and recent trends in DUI defense. Our success speaks for itself:

Washington County:

  • Charge: DUI 1st Offense BAC Above .15
  • Result: Amended to DUI 1st Offense Balance Unknown

Kent County:

  • Charge: DUI 1st Offense Balance Unknown
  • Result: Dismissed

Washington County:

  • Charge: DUI 1st Offense Balance Unknown
  • Result: Charge amended to Reckless Driving

Washington County:

  • Charge: DUI 1st Offense Balance Unknown
  • Result: Charge amended to DUI Balance .08-.10 (minimum sentence imposed)