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Mar 17

Arrested in Newport RI? You need Newport’s Former Prosecutor

Arrested in Newport RI? The City by the Sea can be a great time – but sometimes it can go too far. If you, a friend, or family member has been arrested in Newport, RI, the county’s former chief prosecutor can help. Attorney James M. Callaghan was formerly the chief prosecutor in Newport County. James […]

Feb 18

What to expect: Going to criminal court without a lawyer

In criminal matters in Rhode Island courtrooms, arraignments, pre-trial conferences, pleas, and trials make up a small list of the potential scheduled appearances. After the judge takes the bench, the calendar will be called. The judge will call out each case on the docket. Depending on the court and the judge, the potential responses are […]

Jan 26

Do you have to take a Field Sobriety Test?

NO. That is the simple answer.  Yet the overwhelming majority of drivers pulled over on the suspicion of drunk driving submit to the tests.  Why? Because the police ask them to. Recently I asked a law enforcement officer how often drivers refuse to take the Field Sobriety Tests.  His answer – almost never. Many people […]

Dec 20

Lose Home Value But Win in the Long Run – Property Tax Appeals

Earlier this week, a very interesting decision regarding a home property tax appeal was rendered in the Washington County Superior Court. Even though a family from New York purchased their Watch Hill property in 2008 for $7.1 million, they successfully argued that the house should be assessed at a value well below the amount they […]

Nov 25

DUI Arrests: The science behind field sobriety tests

Many alcohol related stops involve field sobriety tests. The tests are called “Divided Attention Tests.” Police officers request that drivers submit to these tests because they are meant to cause a person to exercise the same mental and physical capabilities needed for safe driving. Those capabilities include: Information processing Short term memory Judgment and decision […]

Nov 09

Field Sobriety Tests? To take or not to take?

Any motor vehicle moving violation, from speeding to driving too slowly, could result in a traffic stop. Depending on the circumstances, a law enforcement officer could ask a driver to perform a series of field sobriety tests before allowing that driver to continue operating the motor vehicle. So, the question is, if you have been stopped […]

Oct 28

Planning Page Boat

Planning Page Boat

Oct 28

Attorneys Rhode Island

Attorneys Rhode Island

Jan 03

Callaghan & Callaghan – Rhode Island

Callaghan & Callaghan – Rhode Island

Oct 20

Callaghan & Callaghan – Attorneys at Law

Callaghan & Callaghan – Attorneys at Law

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