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Nov 25

RI DUI Patrols Increased for Thanksgiving

RI DUI patrols will be out in force this Thanksgiving weekend. Thanksgiving eve is traditionally one of the busiest nights of the year for bars and restaurants – and for DUI arrests. This weekend the Rhode Island State Police and local municipal police departments have teamed up to form Operation Blue Riptide. The operation includes stepped […]

Nov 20

In RI Drunk Driving is Buzzed Driving

With the holiday season coming up, please remember that in RI drunk driving is buzzed driving. As the poster below says, if you can’t sing and dance at the same time you may be too buzzed to drive. Don’t take that chance. But if you do see police lights in the rear view mirror, call […]

Nov 13

A Not Guilty Goodfella, Dazed Prosecutors, and Lawyer Liplocks

An elderly defendant was found not guilty of one of the infamous crimes that lead to the movie Goodfellas. Reputed mobster, Vincent Asaro, was found not guilty in Brooklyn by a jury. After the verdict, the New Daily News noted that the prosecutors looked “dazed”. Reports also stated that the 78 year-old Asaro pounded his […]

Nov 03

Short Term Rentals Raise Long Term Legal Issues – Rhode Island

  In the past few years short term rentals have become a widespread legal issue. Residents have fought the short term rental rise in Austin, Malibu, and Santa Monica. Today voters in San Francisco will decide whether limits on short term rentals will become law. Proposition F asks if short term rentals should be limited to a […]

Oct 30

RI Unveils New Mobile Drunk Driving Machine

This week the RI Department of Transportation unveiled a new tool, an RV/truck type vehicle, in its continued statewide effort to combat drunk driving.  The Blood Alcohol Testing (BAT) unit provides police with a mobile drunk driving command center. According to RIDOT, police officers can now utilize the BAT to quickly and efficiently process alleged […]

Oct 27

Probate Court – Retired Mover’s Will Leaves $540K to Co-Workers

The New York Times recently detailed the travel of a retired mover’s will through probate court. The retired mover, George Bell, died in Queens. He worked for years in Queens, but had retired on disability in 1996. Bell had executed a will thirty years before his death. The will named an executor. However, by the […]

Oct 21

Court Rules Husband Can’t Suppress Tears

Do tears constitute a form of communication? An appeals court in North Carolina recently ruled that tears do not constitute communication and are not protected by spousal privilege. Despite attorney arguments otherwise, a court ruled that a husband’s tears were admissible evidence in a criminal trial. While in a vehicle together, the husband’s wife witnessed […]

Oct 10

Daily Rental Party Houses Crush Zoning Codes

Daily rental party houses have outpaced local zoning codes nationwide. The rise of short term rentals have left neighbors with noise complaints, trash, and potentially lower property values. Narragansett, Newport, Austin, New Orleans, and Nashville have all felt the effect of party houses within family neighborhoods. Friday’s NYT featured a story from Austin, Texas. Websites […]

Oct 06

Infamous Fence Violates Zoning Laws

  Zoning laws forced a Vermont woman to take down a 60 by 24 foot fence (or wall) constructed to block her view of her neighbors’ home. The metal pole and green nylon structure was constructed by Ruth Dwyer in the fall of 2014. It apparently was meant to block the view of her neighbors’ […]

Sep 29

RI City Attorney Costs Pass $1 Million

The attorney fees for various legal battles in the city of Cranston have surpassed $1 million. The Providence Journal reports that multiple lawsuits on a wide range of law enforcement issues have sent legal bills skyrocketing. Costs include legal fees, administrative pay while out on leave, and settlement costs. The multitude of legal issues within […]

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